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If you can’t find the answer to your question here, you can contact us via Twitter, email or drop a comment on one of the posts and we'll get back to you.  Promise.

Who’s behind comms2point0?

Darren Caveney and Dan Slee.  Want to know more? Read about us.

When did comms2point0 start?

We launched the site back in 2011 but had been plotting and planning it for a while before then.

What made you want to create it?

We’d both been sharing links and comms stuff via twitter and email for a while.  The back catalogue of brilliant ideas, new tools and case studies we were collacting needed a home.  So we decided to build somewhere to store and share it in a more easily accessible way and actively encourage teh comms community to get involved, share and make full use of the resources on tap. Hence comms2point0.

What exactly is comms2point0 and what does it do?

comms2point0 is a free online resource for  creative communicators.  Now home to over 700 posts packed with tips, reviews, advice, tools, case studies  - comms2point0 has evolved into a resource to help comms professionals keep up to speed with all that’s interesting and new in the world of strategic and digital communications. 

Recently it’s been described as ‘a must read for every public sector comms person’.  We were quite chuffed with that description.

Is it your full time job?

It is for Dan.  

How big is the comms2point0 community?

comms2point0 has a large and loyal community of contributors, followers and readers.  Twitter followers (over 8k) and unique visitors (upwards of 6-7k every month) are growing daily. Over a quarter of a million people have visited our site since we launched it.

What platform do you use?


What theme is it?

A pimped up version of Kudzu.

What fonts do you use?

The logo uses Straightballer (for which we paid a donation to the creator via and Droid Sans.

Who does your web design/creative?

A third member of the team we like to call 'the cat'.

Where do you get your images from?

Mostly flickr.

Can I use images from your site?

Of course, the flickr images we use are copyright free and so are available to download via the picture credit links you’ll find at the bottom of the post in which the image appears.  If there's no credit, that's because it's one of our own snaps.

Can I share posts from comms2point0 on my blog?

We’re happy to share what we create but if you’re going to lift content from the site, please do the right thing and ask for permission first. 

Can I advertise my product/service on your site?

We do allow a small number of appropriate organisations to have banner ads on the site, as well as features within our weekly email.  Drop us an email and we can talk about it.

Can I link to your site from my blog?

Of course.

Are you able to come to my event and talk about comms2point0/communications/digital comms/other stuff?

We love talking comms and all things digital.  We also love meeting new people.  Drop us an email to see whether we can hook up and do good stuff.

Do you offer training or consultancy?

Yes - we provide training and consultancy to a range of organisations including government departments, local authorities, private sector and trade associations. Get in touch here.