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map yourself a comms plan

by Darren Caveney

if you're looking to create a simple straightforward comms plan, then you might find this comms planning pack a useful starting point.

using a mind mapping technique, this pack walks you through the key planning stages.

the end result being a great outline comms plan guaranteed to get your project off on the right foot.

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the guardian : improving local government comms debate

by Dan Slee

There were some fascinating points to come out of an online Guardian discussion on how to improve local government communications.

There was also plenty of pointers for people across the public sector.

One thing was quite clear. We need to change, evolve and adapt. The old ways of working no longer work for everyone.

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hello and welcome to comms2point0

You're either here because you've heard good things about a new support forum created for comms people by comms people ... or because you've been searching the web and you've stumbled across us.

Whether you're here by recommendation - or you've surfed your way to our site today.  Welcome. 

If you're looking for a some top tips, then be our guest (eleven golden rules for social media and business is currently our most popular post).  

If you're looking to link up with other people working in the comms sector, or looking for information or support on new media and integrated marcomms planning, then you're still in the right place.  Just head on over to the forum and join in today's chat.

or follow us on twitter @comms2point0 to catch up with what comms colleagues from across the UK are talking about today.

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why blogging is good for business

As a (very) small business with an even smaller marketing budget one of my main priorities - after working on my product range and branding - was to start developing a strong online business identity. 

My first step was the development of an ecommerce website.  Somewhere to showcase and sell my products.  Somewhere to act as an anchor to my social media presence and my online and offline pr activity.

Having worked on big budget corporate websites for many years, I very much wanted to create a site that communicated as much about the personality behind the brand as it did sell. 

I also wanted the site to feel as carefully handcrafted as my products.  In short, I wanted my fingerprints to be all over it!

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eleven golden rules for social media in an organisation

by Dan Slee

Holding the door open for bright people should be the aim of every organisation's social media plan.  Because managing the message is dead.  And because the corporate voice doesn't work.  The social web includes places like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and every platform that allows for two way debate and discussion.  The social web is about conversations, the human voice and a completely fresh approach.

One person once said the best way to approach this new landscape was to put aside everything that you've learned so far about how traditional communications works. That's not all that far from the truth.  First amongst these is to recognise that social media is deep down not that different to the telephone, the PC, email and the internet. 

When every one of these was first introduced those in the workplace feared what it would do in the hands of staff. Gradually people realised that the more people had access the more positive they became.  You're unlikely - I hope - put all email activity into the hands of comms people. So why think about doing it for social media?

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what we need is a comms plan

by Darren Caveney

If i had a pound for every time i’ve heard that line. 

Well written, well executed comms plans are an essential part of the business toolkit.

They aren't magical documents which can, purely by their existence, guarantee business success.

Whether you need to communicate good news or bad, ensuring the business is telling a consistent and well thought out story can make the difference between success and failure.

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